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Welcome to Meteora
Meteora is the 3-in-1 quintessential Audio Platform, allying a Next-Gen Social Media stage, a Music & Podcasts Marketplace, as well as Professionnal Audio Management tools, all tightly linked together to offer Creators, Listeners and Professionals the best experience possible for their activities in a fun, easy to use, and state-of-the-art App.
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We all love and use audio everyday, in a form or another. Some of us are singers, musicians, producers, others love a discussion around a podcast. Heck, we now talk to each other with audio messages in our messages app.
Regardless of what you do or who you are, there will always be a place for you on Meteora. Your very own place.
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Gotta Get Them All
Create and Collect
Unique Records.
Every single record you listen to or create on Meteora is a uniquely crafted piece. It might be signed for you by the artist, have alternative tracks, contain a 3D collectible, a concert ticket...
Whenever you acquire a copy, it is now in your possession in your wallet just like if you own a physical record. Buy, sell, trade and collect them all!
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Your New Favorite App
Whether you are a Creator, Listener, or a Professional, you will love using Meteora, and you will find everything you need.
Next-Gen Social Media
Meteora Stage. Fully fledged social media platform. Post, like, repost, connect...
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Web3 Audio Marketplace
Meteora Market. Buy, sell, and trade your records, collaborations, contests...
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Pro Audio Management
Meteora Studio. Upload your music and podcasts, manage subscribers, realtime stats...
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Freedom. Truth.
Meteora is the Audio Revolution we all have waited for.
As a Web3 platform, Meteora uses public Blockchains to ensure full ownership of its creators' Master Records, their exploitation and pricing, as well as its users' audio collection.
Finally, Meteora uses cryptocurrency for bankless, instant payments. You want it, you have it!
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