Audio power is now fully in your hands.
Audio has lost its value...
We Have Created the Solution.
Due to the current streaming and market model, Music and Audio Creations have progressively lost their weight despite the inspiration and hard work needed to create a lasting piece.
Sound is more powerful than image. Meteora is here to crown Creators Queens and Kings of the Platform, and to give Audio its value back and beyond.
My Releases
Audio is Yours
Own Your Master Records
No, we won't steal your works.
Once you upload your audio piece, Meteora takes care of all the technical side then gives it back to you in NFT form for you to exploit it however you would like on the platform.
Meteora Studio Mockup
Right in the Pocket
Be Your
Own Bank.
Gone are now the times where you had to wait for your payouts or pay multiple layers of fees just to get your payments out.
From the instant a sale is made, your balance is available to you, and every penny goes right into your wallet.
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Audio Highway
From Your Mic, To The Ears.
No third parties are involved between you and your listeners on Meteora. From the moment your Master Record gets in your hands, you have full control over what it is, and what it becomes.
Easily manage and edit your releases, even after they hit the Market.
Distribute as you like.
NFT Copies
Create copies of your Album, EP, Single, just like you would in the real world.
Limited editions, signed copies, special tracks... We give you the tools to make every copy unique and collectible.
Take part in the Meteora Global Library, where the price per play is solely decided on the amount of subscribers on the platform.
At last, get paid fairly for the streams your work make.
Creator Subscription
Create a subscription model around your creations, and build a community of fans who receive your works as soon as you finish them.
Get paid monthly and surely.
Simply put, Meteora is made to get you the maximum amount of time and money out of your work, so you can solely focus on creating.
Your Creations Are Safu
Meteora is using Blockchain to save your full creation rights.
We are fully committed to keep your works yours. To protect your creations from theft and counterfeit, creators must pass a KYC in order to be verified and gain the ability to upload and manufacture on Meteora.
Become a Featured Creator
Artists, Podcasters and Audio Creators, we are opening our doors for you to use Meteora Studio for free. No hidden fees, no weird contract, nothing. Free. Please fill out the small form below, and we will get in touch with you. :)
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